Outstanding Training for the Icelandic horse and rider.


Carrie Brandt and Terral Hill welcome you to Taktur Icelandic Horses, a training center for the Icelandic horse and rider.  Carrie and Terral are two of the top Icelandic horse trainers in the US, with a focus on using natural horsemanship melded with classical concepts and the best of Iceland's tried and true training methods.  Learn about the Icelandic horse, improve your horsemanship skills, and get the training your horse needs.  


Who we are

Taktur Icelandic Horses, LLC was started to provide the best training experience for you and your horse. Both Carrie and Terral are qualified Icelandic horse professionals. Find out more about their experience and techniques.

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Carrie and Terral have complimentary skills in training and teaching. Whether you are a young student or young at heart, Taktur's training program can help you connect with your horse.

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